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20th January 2017

Hull City of Culture 2017!

So, why visit hull in 2017? Isn't it just another one of those grim towns up North? Well, not this year it aint! Hull is the proud host of the UK 2017 City of Culture. An award that was created to mimic the success of European Capital of Culture which has been awarded to both Liverpool and Glasgow, in the past.

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13th September 2016

Borders Railway Celebrates First Birthday.

On the 6th of September 2016 the Borders Railway celebrated its first birthday after being without trains in the area for 46 years. The return of the railway has been hailed as a huge success by many locals.

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12th March 2016

Golf Tourism launches Pennines Golf Trail

If you were asked to name famous Golf Courses in the UK, Gleneagles could be a name that springs to mind, but would you think of the Pennines as having a golf course? Probably not but that is all about to change because my dear golfing companions The Pennines Golf Trail has come into being to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Pennine Way.

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9th March 2016

Yorkshire Girls Set New Atlantic Crossing Record

Niki Doeg, Helen Butters, Francis Davies, Janette Benaddi are names that will go down in history because they are the oldest female crew to make the crossing all away across the Atlantic. Old is rather an unfair term as they age from 45 to 51 but they are all the same the oldest of females to make this journey.

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20th October 2015

Chinese investment brings 1000 jobs!

Holyhead and Port Talbot are to benefit from a £2bn investment with the Chinese. After all the jobs that have been lost up and down the country due to the decline in the steel works, a thousand new jobs will be created here due to the building of two eco parks in North and South Wales, Anglesey and Port Talbot to be precise and this is the largest biomass power development in the world and will take three years to complete.

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9th August 2015

Edinburgh International Festival 2015

Once again Edinburgh comes alive with entertainment, entertainers and those wanting to be entertained. The genres are many, Opera, Dance Theatre and Music to name a few, booking tickets is advisable as it gets more popular every year.  Edinburgh has many theatres, concert halls and similar venues and they all play their part and take part in the Festival.

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23rd March 2015

Solar Eclipse witnessed by millions over the UK

On Friday the 20th March millions of UK residents turned their gaze heavenwards to witness the most spectacular solar eclipse above these shores since 1999. Although cloudy in some parts of the country a great majority of people in the United Kingdom had a wonderful view of the event as the moon passed in front of the sun and cast its shadow on to the ground.

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30th January 2015

Where to see the best UK Wildlife in the Winter

Although a great many species of birds have forsaken the UK and migrated south for the winter there are still many places around the country where British wildlife can be seen.

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