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9th August 2015

Edinburgh International Festival 2015

Once again Edinburgh comes alive with entertainment, entertainers and those wanting to be entertained. The genres are many, Opera, Dance Theatre and Music to name a few, booking tickets is advisable as it gets more popular every year.  Edinburgh has many theatres, concert halls and similar venues and they all play their part and take part in the Festival.

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23rd March 2015

Solar Eclipse witnessed by millions over the UK

On Friday the 20th March millions of UK residents turned their gaze heavenwards to witness the most spectacular solar eclipse above these shores since 1999. Although cloudy in some parts of the country a great majority of people in the United Kingdom had a wonderful view of the event as the moon passed in front of the sun and cast its shadow on to the ground.

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30th January 2015

Where to see the best UK Wildlife in the Winter

Although a great many species of birds have forsaken the UK and migrated south for the winter there are still many places around the country where British wildlife can be seen.

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5th November 2014

Lincolnshire launches its annual Food and Drink Guide

The Food & Drink Lincolnshire Guide has recently been launched in the city of Lincoln and includes some of the cities finest places to eat within its pages. The booklet is free and has the backing of the Lincolnshire County Council Executive in the form of Councillor Colin Davie, the member for Economic Development. Many restaurants, shops, tourist information offices and hotels throughout both the city of Lincoln and the county of Lincolnshire will stock the guide.

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30th August 2014

Llanidloes one of the best places to live in the UK

The Royal Mail has produced a table of the best places to live in the country based on the factors of health, jobs and crime and one place to make it onto this prestigious list is the mid Wales town of Llanidloes.

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19th August 2014

Welcome to Stayin Lodges

After the success of several other smaller Stayin websites we decided it was about time we did something a bit bigger! Our new website Stayin Lodges ( will service all areas of the UK and provide an easy and efficient way for private independent lodge owners to reach their customer base directly, cut out the middle man and avoid excessive commission fees.

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