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20th October 2015

Chinese investment brings 1000 jobs!

Holyhead and Port Talbot are to benefit from a £2bn investment with the Chinese. After all the jobs that have been lost up and down the country due to the decline in the steel works, a thousand new jobs will be created here due to the building of two eco parks in North and South Wales, Anglesey and Port Talbot to be precise and this is the largest biomass power development in the world and will take three years to complete.

This is of course a welcome boost to any economy and is a joint project between the Chinese, Sino Fortone the Development Company and British Orthios group. The name of the game is to produce more of the UK's biomass energy supplies, reduce emissions.  Extra food supply will be created in the form of prawns and vegetables which will be produced in the hydroponic and aquaculture centres heated from the plant.

The Director of Anglesey Energy Island Project is now looking forward to work beginning on the site at Anglesey which used to be the Aluminium Plant which closed a few years ago with the loss of several hundred jobs. With hope of a Nuclear Plant being constructed at Wylfa, for Wales at least the future is looking good, more than two thousand jobs and more than two billion pounds has already been pledged to the island over a period of fifteen years.

Staff will be required on the food side of the plant to process the seafood and the vegetables that will be result of this technology.

The beauty also lays in the fact this is being built on a piece of land that was previously a working plant, so no need to upset the countryside or the residents, if anything it will be a benefit.

Win win all round...more information