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9th March 2016

Yorkshire Girls Set New Atlantic Crossing Record

Niki Doeg, Helen Butters, Francis Davies, Janette Benaddi are names that will go down in history because they are the oldest female crew to make the crossing all away across the Atlantic. Old is rather an unfair term as they age from 45 to 51 but they are all the same the oldest of females to make this journey.

The journey itself took nearly 68 days, long time to be without your hairdryer never mind family and friends and the ladies are all mums whose children happen to go to the same school.  The sacrifice of all involved has been for an extremely good cause which is a new Cancer Care Centre which is to be built in Leeds and the fact that less than 100 females have ever done this journey is just wonderful for all involved, they have every reason to be very proud of themselves.

The journey started in the Canary Islands and ended in Antigua which sounds glamourous but when you consider these ladies had to rough it through hurricanes and everything else the Atlantic had to throw at them.  At one point they were rowing in their birthday suits as they had run out of dry clothing, life in the fast lane or should that be wet lane.

It is a hard challenge as you have to accept that no longer do you get eight hours sleep, you get blisters with all the rowing and of course salt rash from being constantly sprayed with the ocean waves.  The warm up or practice run was from Suffolk to Holland which was no mean feat in itself but it just goes to show, that if you really want to do something to the good of others, it can be done.

Congratulations girls.