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Corris Mine Explorers

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For a day out with a difference why not head for Corris Mine Explorers in mid Wales in the County of Gwynedd. Ever wondered what it was like to work in a Welsh slate mine?

Well now you have the chance to experience it by coming to this mine which is just off the A487 by the village of Corris. The Braich Goch slate mine started as an open cast mine around 1800 and then from 1836 onwards tunnels were dug in order to extract the slate. At its peak in around 1878 more than 250 miners worked here and seven different levels have been excavated, producing around 7,000 tons of roofing slate and slabs. There are three different explorations to choose from, a one hour Taster trip where visitors can see the abandoned slate workings and old machinery and tools, a two hour Mine Explorer where visitors progress further into the mine and learn some of the history and tales of the mine from our experienced guides, and the Half Day Mine Expedition which covers around two miles of walking and experience up to ten chambers which are very rarely explored. All explorations will have a maximum number of ten people.

There is a minimum age requirement of 8, 10 and 13 years for each of the respective trips. All relevant safety equipment, torches, helmets safety clips and so on will be provided at the beginning of each exploration. Our guides are there to ensure that everyone enjoys their trip in a safe and informative environment. Discover old tools, mining relics, candles left behind from when the mine was fully working and gain an appreciation of what the miners went through in their daily lives. This is one experience that will last with you for a long...


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Corris Mine Explorers
Corris Craft Centre
SY20 9RF
01654 761244

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