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Derbyshire Pony Trekking
Derbyshire, England

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Derbyshire is renowned for its beautiful scenery and many a walker has enjoyed the various parks and woods that makeup this wonderful part of our English countryside, but why walk when you could easily enjoy the pleasure of sitting astride your own little pony, every girls dream.

Derbyshire Pony Trekking allows you to do exactly that and it matters not that you may never have done it before, everyone is catered for with the excellent animals. This is off roading like you would not believe and there is no excuse if it snows, because the ponies will be out there waiting for you. The groups at this centre are smaller than most centres which allows you to enjoy your trek and trek at your own pace.

For the experienced jumper amongst you, a new 8 furlong all weather woodchip gallops with natural log jumps is great fun. Enjoy the corners, the straights and the hills and in the stunning scenery, you just cannot fail to enjoy this activity. Don't worry if you are a novice, the horses will be very kind to you, everyone has to start at the beginning.

The horse will also enjoy the exercise and the opportunity to have a good run out and you can do this seven days a week if you wish. You will have heard of a pub crawl well try this one, a pub trek. You are not however allowed to become drunk in charge of a horse. Fancy building some bridges with the work colleagues, Corporate Days can be booked, all in all a great adventure.


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Derbyshire Pony Trekking
2 Old Hall
Scarcliffe Lanes, Upper Langwith
NG20 9RH
07557 106679

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