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Exmoor National Park
Somerset, England

Details for Exmoor National Park

Amazing and breath-taking scenery describes Exmoor National Park which extends over two Counties. Approximately 70 % of the Park is in the County of Somerset and 30% in the county of Devon. It comprises of 692 square kilometres of vastly different landscape from impressive coastal cliffs, grass moorland, wooded valleys and undulating farmland.

This beautiful place offers visitors a tremendous variety of things to do and places to see.  The astonishing coastline stretches from Minehead in the East as far as Combe Martin in the West, an expanse of nearly 60 kilometres.  It has the highest sea cliffs in England rising to 433 metres at Culbone Hill.   The coast is relatively sheltered thus allowing for the rare development of coastal woods.  In fact the woods between Porlock and Foreland represent the largest area of coastal wood-land in England and Wales.

The Woodlands extend inland and are accessible as public rights of way through networks of paths which include some of the great long distance walks in the UK such as the South West Coastal Path and the Coleridge Way.

However much of Exmoor is dominated by moorland comprising of shrubs such as; heather, Ling and Gorse as well as grassland.  The moorland accounts for a quarter of the National Park.  Blended into this expansive terrain is an intimate pattern of farmland that gives the Park its unique and special status.  Wildlife and birdlife is in abundance here.

People have farmed on the moors for centuries.  There is evidence of human habitation from the Mesolithic age (8000-4000 BC) through to the Iron Age.  Therefore the Park is rich in prehistoric standing stones, undisturbed archaeological sites and over 400 burial mounds.

The awe-inspiring scenery has been the inspiration for...


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