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Norfolk Broads National Park
Norfolk, England

Details for Norfolk Broads National Park

Explore the magical waterways of the Norfolk Broads which are the largest protected wetland in Britain and the third largest inland waterway. There are plenty of opportunities to walk, cycle and spend time discovering the enchanted lowlands by all manner of water craft. You can also encounter remarkable species of birds, butterflies and plants.

The total area is 303 square kilometres and includes seven rivers and 63 broads.  Although commonly known as the Norfolk Broads, the wetlands extend into part of the county of Suffolk.  Up until recently it was thought the broads were natural features of the landscape.  But in the 1960s it was found that they were artificial features derived from the excavation of peat in medieval times.  The local monasteries used to excavate and sell peat which they extracted from the countryside.  However as sea levels rose, the pits became flooded and no longer viable.  As the flooding continued the typical Broad landscape of modern times emerged.

Many people come to the Broads for the boating.  It has been a destination for water vacations since 1878.   You can sample living on a wide variety of boats from short river trips to cruising holidays.   You can make a stop along the way to refresh yourself at the many restaurants, cafes and pubs close to the waterways.  Paddle-boarding and canoeing are also popular.  Vessels can be hired for short trips from centres such as Wroxham, Potter Heighham and Horning.

There are over 300 kilometres of footpaths threading their routes through the Broads and the quiet country rods made it an ideal location for cycling.  However you choose to travel around you will not be far from the habitats of some wonderful species of birds and wildlife.

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