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Northumberland National Park
Northumberland, England

Details for Northumberland National Park

The most northerly of the National Parks in England, it lies entirely in the county of Northumberland and is home to rolling hills, spectacular landscapes, ancient monuments and deep forests with meandering waters.

Spread over 1,030 square kilometres, the Park has more castles than any other county in England.

Straddling the border between England and Scotland, the Cheviot Hills have been the scene of more than one bloody battle concerning the two nations.  Nowadays the hills are classified as 'open country'.  The choice of paths and bridleways and the boggy nature of the terrain make the walk to the top of Cheviot an adventure.  Lindrop Spout is a spectacular waterfall with an 18 metre drop.   The most northerly section of the Pennine Way does run through the Park from Byrness to Kirk Yetholm.

Bellingham is a favoured stop for those walking the Pennine Way.  There is a Heritage Centre here with exhibitions on the Border Counties Railway, local industries and the Border Reivers who were groups of marauders who operated at the borders carrying out theft on Scottish and English settlements irrespective of nationality.

Peace and tranquillity can be found by a visit to the Kielder Forest Park.  The quality of the night skies has given the Park Dark Sky status meaning that, with the absence of light pollution, stargazers can view the heavens with clarity and lucidity.  The Forest itself is England's largest and has a network of mountain biking trails.

The Kielder Waters, with its 43 kilometres of shoreline, is the largest reservoir in England and offer a variety of a range of water based activities such as sailing,...


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