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Old Police Cells Museum
Sussex, England

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Inside our main cell
Constabulary Duties 1926

Situated in Brighton in the basement of Brighton Town Hall is the Old Police Cells Museum. If you are on holiday on the south coast of Sussex and fancy an educational and fun visit then come along and see how policing was done in days gone by.

There are several exhibits set within the cells including the history of policewomen in Sussex showing how uniforms have changed from 1918 up to the present day. There is one of the finest collections of truncheons, and tipstaffs in the country held here, with some exceptional examples of ceremonial batons. The male cells show just what prisoners had to contend with, no furniture but a low wooden bed and a bucket for ‘slopping out' in the morning. One of the cells houses a collection of police uniforms showing how the style has changed over the years.

There is also an exhibition of police helmets on show. In another cell is an interesting collection of police memorabilia which has been amassed over a period of many years. Check out the equipment which detectives in the 1950s used to help them catch criminals including a plate camera used to take the ‘mug shots' of prisoners brought into the police station. A crime scene is depicted in one of the cells where visitors are encouraged to work out just what has taken place, and what evidence can be seen. There is also a display of the infamous Brighton Bombing when terrorists bombed the hotel where the Cabinet were staying during their party conference.


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Old Police Cells Museum
Town Hall
Bartholomew Square
01273 291052

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